Course taught by Mrs. Kohart and Mr. Bartlett


Prerequisite – None

Drama is a year-long elective which earns a full credit. The class is a

mixed-grade level class with students from ninth to twelfth grade enrolled

together. Students learn about theater, past and present; theater, onstage

and backstage; and learn to understand and appreciate the theater process.

 Students participate in a variety of activities including improvisations,

theater games, acting alone and with a partner, playwriting, casting, and

directing. Credit may be applied toward the minimum fine arts graduation


Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theatre.
— Viola Spolin, theatre academic, educator and acting coach

What to expect

  • Improvisation Games
  • Theatre Genres
  • 7 Causes of Laughter
  • Plot Structure
  • Storytelling 
  • Monologues
  • Duet Performances
  • Stage Combat